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Paul’s trendy spiritual ambitions have guttered, leaving him a burned-out, middle-aged bankruptcy lawyer. Now it’s almost Christmas, and the spirit world has decided to take Paul firmly in hand. Three iconic Native Americans of the 19th Century, Black Elk, Sitting Bull and Crazy Horse, challenge Paul to a dream quest: no guarantee of safe return. It’s going to be a rough ride.

During the journey, Paul discovers that the Christian faith he’s disparaged since high school was embraced by Black Elk, who spent the second half of his life as a devout Catholic. This fact stuns Paul, intensifying his arguments with the holy man and deepening his confusion.

Dragged from Hell to breakfast, offshore oil rig to war-torn streets of the Middle East by the trio of unorthodox spirit guides, Paul must make the hardest choice of his life: swallow his long-held pride and accept a new path in life, or hold stubbornly to his cynical worldview.

Press Reviews
Books – The Akron Beacon Journal, December 20, 2009

'Christmas Carol' Gets a New Twist

Dickens' A Christmas Carol has been adapted every possible way, from mime to Muppets, Ravenna author Fred Tribuzzo's interesting approach in Saint Nick adds some patriotism to the usual it's-later-than-you-think cautionary tale.

Getting Scrooged here is Paul Castellucci, a divorced, alienated lawyer who venerates ancient samurai and Native Americans such as the shaman Black Elk, whose 1932 memoir he reads often. Paul picks up on whatever New Age spirituality is in vogue. But he thinks that today's military is a bunch of suckers, including his estranged Marine son, who is home from Iraq just in time for Christmas.

Paul's Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Future are Sitting Bull, Crazy Horse and Black Elk himself, who tells Paul, "You'll never be a shaman. You're a schmoe."

Saint Nick is a brief 73 pages, but works in everything necessary to make its point about family, honor and courage. The softcover book costs $10.95 from http://www.fredtribuzzo.com. Tribuzzo is a pilot and a former bass player for the popular Numbers Band.

The Catholic Exponent, December 11, 2009

Saint Nick

Fred Tribuzzo. Dog Ear Publishing, 6620 Redbrush Rd., Ravenna, OH 44266. 72 pp., $10.95. 330-296-7323. Reviewed by Lou Jacquet

A middle-aged bankruptcy lawyer, burned out by his career, is the center-piece of this tale which its author calls a "modern-day Scrooge story." Paul Castelluci is taken in hand by three Native Americans of the 19th century — Black Elk, Sitting Bull and Crazy Horse — into the spirit world, where he learns lessons about what truly matters in life. It's a tale of personal redemption as Castelluci puts the pieces of his broken life back together in a moving story. Tribuzzo is a member of Ravenna Immaculate Conception Parish.