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Books Written by Fred Tribuzzo

of the Goddess

E. Fred Tribuzzo

Pulse of the Goddess: An American Blackout Thriller

by Fred tribuzzo, Available Fall 2017

Description: Pulse of the Goddess is the story of a modern day Joan of Arc in a ’67 Plymouth Barracuda, fighting for the survival of the civilization her uncle and father have taught her to love. [More...]

American Sky

American Sky: Good Landings and Other Flying Adventures

by Fred Tribuzzo, Published by Koehler Books in 2014

Description: American Sky: Good Landings and Other Flying Adventures is the author’s journey from antiwar protester of the late sixties to the cockpit of the world’s fastest business jet. It’s the story of a young man going to work for a father and son who not only teach the skills for starting a Lycoming or Continental engine on a hot summer day, but provide the daily humor, courage, and wise-words to pursue dreams. [More...]

Saint Nick

Saint Nick

by Fred Tribuzzo, Published by Dog Ear Publishing in 2009

Description: Paul’s trendy spiritual ambitions have guttered, leaving him a burned-out, middle-aged bankruptcy lawyer. Now it’s almost Christmas, and the spirit world has decided to take Paul firmly in hand. Three iconic Native Americans of the 19th Century, Black Elk, Sitting Bull and Crazy Horse, challenge Paul to a dream quest: no guarantee of safe return. It’s going to be a rough ride. [More...]

Recommended Books

Murder in the Rockies

The Alchemist’s Daughter: A Bianca Goddard Mystery

by Mary Lawrence, April 2015

Description: In the year 1543 of King Henry VIII’s turbulent reign, the daughter of a notorious alchemist finds herself suspected of cold-blooded murder…

Bianca Goddard employs her knowledge of herbs and medicinal plants to concoct remedies for the disease-riddled poor in London’s squalid Southwark slum. But when her friend Jolyn comes to her complaining of severe stomach pains, Bianca’s prescription seems to kill her on the spot. [More...]

Murder in the Rockies

Death of an Alchemist: A Bianca Goddard Mystery

by Mary Lawrence

Description: In the closing years of King Henry VIII’s reign, there is no shortage of death and disease in the slums of the great city. Disease can carry a person off within a matter of hours when one of the frequent epidemics (the Sweat), stalks the streets. Bianca hears famous alchemist, Ferris Stannum, has made a breakthrough in creating the fabled elixir of life, a potion that confers immortality upon the imbiber. She calls upon Stannum seeking to learn something to enhance her own work. Stannum takes a shine to the young woman and is prepared to help–but then dies in odd circumstances. [More...]

Murder in the Rockies

Death at St. Verdast: A Bianca Goddard Mystery

by Mary Lawrence

Description: Bianca and John are delighted to share in the glad fortune of their friend, Boisvert, the silversmith, who is to wed Odile, a wealthy widow. But a pall is cast over the nuptials when the body of a pregnant woman is found beneath the bell tower of St. Vedast, where the couple is to be wed. Tragedy strikes again at the couple’s reception, when Odile suddenly drops dead in the middle of the feast. Accused of poisoning his bride for her money, Boisvert is taken to Newgate prison... [More...]

Deadly Catch

by E. Michael Helms, Seventh Street Books — November 2013
an imprint of Prometheus Books.

Description: Recently retired Marine Mac McClellan is enjoying the vacation of a lifetime in the Florida panhandle while contemplating what to do with his post-Corps life. While fishing near Five-Mile Island one morning, his first cast of the day hooks a badly decomposed body. Authorities are notified, and when divers discover Mac’s engraved pocketknife near the body, Mac and Palmetto County Sheriff Bo Pickron butt heads. Mac is warned not to leave the area. [More...]

Deadly Ruse

by E. Michael Helms, Seventh Street Books — 2014

Description: Deadly Ruse It’s a fun night at the theatre for Mac McClellan and his girlfriend, Kate, until a ghost from the past passes Kate in the lobby–her late boyfriend who perished in a boating disaster more than a decade ago, along with two friends. Mac sets out to find the truth about the accident, and soon uncovers shocking secrets that throw the case into a tailspin, and threaten to turn Kate’s world upside-down. [More...]

The Proud Bastards

The Proud Bastards

by E. Michael Helms, Simon and Schuster/Pocket Star Books

Description: Want to know what war was really like? Ever wonder what daily life was like on the front lines? Sense the anxiety of a combat patrol, the stomach-clenching tension on a night listening post, the knee-knocking dread of dropping into a hot landing zone. Live with these young marines in their day-to-day existence and their struggle to survive. Feel their pride and pain of serving their country during one of our nation’s most tumultuous periods. The Proud Bastards by E. Michael Helms will give you an up-close and personal sense of what war is all about. [More...]