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About Fred Tribuzzo

About Fred Tribuzzo

Fred TribuzzoWith over thirty years in aviation, Fred Tribuzzo has flown aircraft from the J3-Cub to the fastest corporate jet ever made—the Citation Ten. For eight of his seventeen years at the Columbus based Netjets Company, he flew internationally on a corporate Boeing 737.

While on special assignment in Jakarta he wrote the novella Saint Nick and published the Christmas story in 2009. Fred has also completed several novels. Pulse of the Goddess, an adventure/thriller, is his most recent project.

In American Sky he credits the mentors who inspired his twin loves: writing and flying. The work was published by Koehler Books in April 2014.

On two separate tours of duty Fred played electric bass for the Numbers Band from northeastern Ohio, performing on four of the band’s CDs. His other recordings are with singer / songwriter Marilyn DeFrange and her brother Denis on keyboards and synthesizer.

Fred’s been published in Flying magazine and, in 1986, received a fellowship from the Ohio Arts Council for piano, oboe, and string compositions.